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GT2i presents its range of ATOMIQUE BATTERIES car batteries.

The French start-up, based in the South of France, has developed a brand new range of lithium batteries for competition and trackdays, the HYPERION starter 12V range, comprising 20Ah, 40Ah and 60Ah models with the following criteria:

- ULTRA light and compact: lithium is the lightest metal on Earth. Save several kilos on the weight of your battery. "Light is Right

- PERFORMANCE: HYPERION batteries deliver high CCA (starting current) with a small capacity. Special internal starting BMS (The BMS automatically opens and closes the circuit in the event of overcharging, too deep a discharge or a short-circuit). Ultra-fast recharging.

- LONG LIFE: up to 3,000 charge-discharge cycles, or 30,000 starts, or 5 times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries.

- 5-YEAR GUARANTEE: full 5-year guarantee against manufacturing defects under normal use and in compliance with safety precautions.

- 2 DIMENSIONS with the same weight per capacity: Reduced size for competition and original T6 size.

Made for motorsport, ATOMIQUE BATTERIES batteries can be adapted to a wide range of vehicles. 

Come and discover all our ATOMIQUE BATTERIES products at GT2i! 

Not forgetting the range of accessories compatible with your battery.

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