General terms and conditions of sale detailed below rule the contractual relationships between every website user and the GT2I company.
Those general terms and conditions of sale are the only applicable and replace any other conditions, unless previous, explicit and written permission granted. GT2I can punctually modify certain of those general terms and conditions, also it is necessary that they must be read again before each visit of GT2I website.

Those modifications are opposable from the time of their onlining and shall not apply to contracts concluded prior to this. Each purchase on the website is rule by general terms and conditions applicable at the order date.

Consequently, by passing an order, the purchaser implies complete compliance with these general conditions of sale.


Sale prices indicated on the GT2I website are in euros including all taxes except shipping costs. Those sale prices are indicated to the User during his choice of products and they will be charged at the end of its purchase in addition of selected products' prices.

We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time and without notice, but we do agree to honour the rates shown on the site when you place your order. We reserve the right to cancel a purchase if the error occurs in relation to an incorrect price or displayed as zero. The holding of promotional codes at the same time is impossible. So in this case of error, we reserve the right to cancel your order.


GT2I takes great care of posting on the Internet information about essential characteristics by technical descriptions delivered by our partners and suppliers, and also by non-contractual photos which illustrate products in technical limit and in the respect of market-standards.

Cancelation or modification of registered ordered items by the suppliers of GT2I company allows it to cancel the current order, unless otherwise agreed by the client to modify it.

Weights posted on the website are given for reference only and according to manufacturers' informations. However, they can be slightly different in reality.


Any purchased item is transported at purchaser's risk and expense, unless possible appeal against the haulier. The items are deemed to be received and approved from the warehouses. At its arrival at destination, it's due to the client to verify the good condition of his purchase before getting it under his responsibility.

GT2I company draw the pleasant clientele's attention on parts for vehicle adaptation, for tournament, which can present some characteristics such as the prohibition to drive on traffic zone to the extend that those parts alter pretty much the vehicles' characteristics described in the formal record of receipt and delivered by the French Legal Traffic Regulations in terms of: noise, pollution, maximum speed, size of tires, etc...

On the other hand, all these tournament parts are not subject to any contractual warranty.


All orders will be completed and delivered within the limits of available product stock. Assuming the ordered product will not be available, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you for which delays this product could, if necessary, be delivered to you.

If from among products certain are temporary not available, we will proceede to a group shipment on receipt of all products.

The availabilities displayed are indicative only and do not represent any contractual commitment.


Your order will be delivered to the address indicated during the order process.

For any product in stock, the delivery will be done under 72 hours. Any purchased ordered before 2 p.m will be dispatched within the day, to the extend that we have the product in stock. Charges applied for this option depend on the selected item.

GT2I is committed to respect the delivery deadlines mentionned on the website, but cannot be responsible for the consequences of a late delivery or the loss of package resulting from third-party, the buyer or by unforeseen events or circumstances due to force majeure.

In case of failure to receive a package within the delays mentioned, an equiry is made to the haulier and may take several days. No repayment or returned goods shall be granted during this period.


GT2I cannot be held liable for breach of contract on the occasion of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, disruptions, partial or total strikes notably of postal, shipping and telecoms services, flooding, fires or due to any other causes beyond its control.

GT2I shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to this document for trading loss, loss of profit, damage or expenses, which could occur. The choice of an order or a service are placed under the unique responsibility of the buyer. In case of non-delivery of an order, the User will have a maximum of a year (from the date of departure from the warehouse) to express yourself. All claims placed after this date will be rejected.


Only credit card and bank transfer are actually possible on the website.

During your order, please use our secure on-line transaction facility.

You will be directly redirected to the secured site hosted by our bank where you could enter your bank information. For an optimal security, no bank information will be disseminate on the GT2I website.

Your order will be validated from the acceptance of payment by our bank.


Your items will be dispatched to your indicated address, shipping costs participation in addition. With your order, you will receive a bill which replaces the warranty. Any order may be accepted and delivrable depending of availaible stocks.


GT2I informs you that the pleasant clientele shall assumes all charges and any other customs fees.

GT2I shall not be held responsible of charges or any other customs fees as part of the sale.


Security of payment: to assure aa high security level of transactions, using an encryption method is vital. GT2I adopted the SSL encryption to protect all data related to personnal informations and means of payment.

In all secure areas in which the URL address of GT2I starts by https:// (where the 's' means security). Informations are therefore coded and also protected before their transfer via Internet.

The protection of your personal datas:
Applying the French Law on Computer Technology and Freedom dated on 6 January 1978 to dispose at any time of a right of access and modification of your personal datas. Please contact us to the following address:


According to the article L121-16 of the Code of Consumption, the client has a delay of fifteen clear day limit from the delivery date of the order to return the article to GT2I company for exchange or repayment to its original condition without penalty, except for return postage fees which are, in any case, the responsibility of the customer. The item may not be returned, exchanged or reimbursed beyond this delay.

If the item was not returned in its original condition and in the original packaging before the withdrawal period of fifteen clear days, we reserve the right to withhold a minimum of 20% of the item price for the storage and packaging costs.

Assets do not include any reimbursement after the withdrawal delay of fifteen clear days unless otherwise stated.

Any return of the product must be subject to a prior agreement of our sales department along with a photocopy of the purchase invoice and the return slip duly completed after a withdrawal delay of fifteen clear days.


GT2I company ensures warranty of the latent defects from the legal tendencies. The buyer has a delay of eight days from the date of the discovering of latent defect to notify his reservations by registered letter with recorded delivery.


Our items and goods shall be payable in cash at the time of their issue.

In the case of orders by mail-order (Internet, mail, phone, ect...) our shipments are made with cash on delivery.

Any sums paid by the purchaser when ordering is considered as deposit by the parties.

Assuming that the company, on exceptional basis, has agreed to special payment modalities, items and goods are subject to retention of title until the price and any ancillary expenses have been paid in full.
In the event of non-payment of one of the deadlines agreed, a resolutive condition could be applied by the seller. This condition does not affect any immediate transfer at the cost and at the risk of the customer.

No discount will be granted for any cash payment or any prior payment to the Scheduled Maturity Date. In the event of delay in payment deadline, a late payment interest of 1,5 times the legal rate will be requested (law 921442 of the 12.31.1992).


Applying the Law 80.335 of the 12th May 1980, we reserve the ownership of items and goods, objects of debit, until the price of accessories have been paid in full. In the event of total or partial non-payment of the deadline price for any reason whatsoever, by express agreement, we reserve the ability, informally, to reacquire the material possession of those products and goods at your own expense and risks.
In case of disagreement, the Toulon Commercial Court has exclusive juridiction over wholesales.


For purposes of confidentiality, GT2I only gives the personnal identification number to the designated person. The personnal identification number remains exclusively with the person from whom it was assignated.
The client is the unique responsible of the use of this number, by himself and the persons authorized by him. GT2I commits to do not divulge any confidential information that will enable any third party to know, directly or indirectly, the detail of the questioning made by the customer and, in general, any confidential information under the Data Protection Act. In any case, the client accesses to the secure serve in accordance to the most efficent encryption technology.


In accordance with the French Data Protection and Freedom Information Law of 6 January 1978, you have the right to view and modify your personal datas. Every client can refuse that his name and address are granted or be available to other companies or partnership. To access, rectify datas or be opposed to the communication of personal details with third parties, the client only needs to write to GT2I.


GT2I draws the kind clientele's attention on the fact that parts for vehicle adaptation may contain features that forbid to drive on traffic zone. Indeed, they can pretty much alter the vehicles' characteristics as described in the minutes of receipt issued by the French Legal Traffic Regulations, in terms of noise, pollution, maximum speed, dazzling, ect...
On the other hand, all 'tournament' parts are not subject to any contractual warranty.