Direct sales - Internet - Catalogue 

1) Introduction

GT2i sells equipment and accessories for car racing, track days and historic competition vehicles (VHC), to private individuals and professionals. 

Any person who wishes to buy products from the company GT2i in a shop, in a mobile sales point (shop truck) or to place an order for products from the company GT2i by mail order, on the online sales site or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue GT2i, must take note of these general conditions of sale and accept them without reservation.  

2) Definitions 

The terms used in these general terms and conditions of sale and beginning with a capital letter refer to the following definitions:


  • Purchase: refers to any product purchased in a Shop or in a Mobile Sales Point;

  • Application: means the My GT2i mobile application published by GT2i and available on the Google Play Store (for Android) and Apple Store (for iOS);

  • Shop: means any permanent point of sale, similar to a shop, of the company GT2i;

  • Catalogue: means the digital or printed catalogue published by GT2I, containing the list of Products; 

  • GTC: refers to these general terms and conditions of sale; 

  • GCU: refers to the general conditions of use of the website; 

  • Customer: refers to any natural or legal person who makes a direct Purchase or places an Order for Product(s) by mail, on the Site, or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue; 

  • Order: refers to the Product order placed by a Customer on the Site or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue; 

  • Member Account: refers to the online account that must be created on the Site in order to place an Order online via the Site; 

  • GT2i: refers to the company GROUPE TECHNIQUE INNOVATIONS ET IMPORTATIONS GT2I, operating under the trade name GT2i, SAS registered under the number 335 062 972 in the RCS, whose registered office is located at 34 rue Jugurtha 34074 MONTPELLIER, in the person of its legal representative; 

  • Mobile sales point: means any GT2i mobile sales point such as a shop truck or any stand set up at motor sport events, with the exception of the Boutique;  

  • Privacy Policy: means the privacy policy describing the processing of personal data by GT2i, available here:   

  • Products: shall designate the products sold by GT2i in the Boutique, Mobile Sales Outlet, on the Site, or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue , and which concern equipment and accessories for motor racing, track days and historic competition vehicles (VHC); 

  • Site: refers to the website published by GT2i. 


3) Object 

These GTCs govern the sale of Products directly in shops or at mobile sales outlets, but also by mail order by GT2i, via the Site, or the Catalogue . They apply exclusively between GT2i and the Client in respect of its Purchases or Orders, and replace any other document, except in the event of prior, express and written derogation by GT2i. 

4) Scope of application of the GTC 

These GTC are concluded between GT2i and the Client. 

GT2i is the trade name of GROUPE TECHNIQUE INNOVATIONS ET IMPORTATIONS GT2I, SAS registered under number 335 062 972 at the RCS, whose registered office is located at 34 rue Jugurtha, 34074 MONTPELLIER, in France, taken in the person of its legal representative.

The Customer is a natural person or a legal entity who purchases directly or orders Products by mail order on the Site, or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue. 

The Customer acknowledges that he/she has the capacity to enter into these GTC and, if applicable, is of age. 

When a natural person makes a Purchase or an Order for Products on behalf of a legal entity (association, company, etc.), this person must have the capacity and standing to represent the said legal entity when placing the Order. 

5) Acceptance 

The GTC are accessible on the back of the invoices , on the Site, and are also included in the GT2i Catalogue.  

The GTC are thus communicated prior to any Purchase or Order, in a legible and comprehensible manner, and contain the information listed in Article L221-5 of the Consumer Code. 

Any purchase in a shop or in a mobile sales outlet implies express and unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale. 

When placing an Order on the Site, the Customer indicates his unreserved acceptance of the GTC by ticking the box provided for this purpose when finalising his Order. 


In the event of an Order placed by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue, the Client shall express its acceptance of the GTC by telephone to the GT2i telephone operator. 

These are also sent to him/her when the Order is summarised. 


6) Updating of the GTC 

The Client is hereby informed that GT2I may be required to modify its GTC from time to time 

The GTC that apply to the Customer's Purchase or Order are those accepted by the Customer at the time of the Purchase or the completion of the Order 

Customers who have a Member Account are also informed of updates to the GTC on the email address associated with their Member Account. Only the conditions in force at the time shall apply to each new Order or Purchase. The Customer must ensure that he/she is aware of all the terms and conditions prior to any Order confirmation or Purchase. 

7) Description of the Products 


7.1 Standard products 

GT2I takes the greatest care to provide all information to its Clients on the essential characteristics of its Products and in particular to describe them on the Site and in the Catalogue, such as by means of technical descriptions from its partners and suppliers and photographs illustrating the Products, within the limits of the technique and in compliance with market standards. 

GT2I draws the Client's attention to the following points: 

With regard to the photographs of the Products posted on the Site and in the Catalogue, these do not contain any ambiguities or ambiguities that could mislead as to the characteristics of the Products.  It is however specified that the colours of the Products may vary slightly between the visual presented in a product sheet and reality. 

With regard to the weights of the Products indicated on the Site and in the Catalogue, although GT2I makes its best efforts to provide the most accurate information possible, the weights indicated may differ slightly, depending on the information provided by the manufacturers of the Products. The possible difference in weight does not exceed 10 % maximum. 

The Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, with a view to competition, may prohibit their circulation on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the characteristics of the vehicles as described in the approval report issued by the mining department: noise, pollution, maximum speed, tyre size, etc In the event of questions or doubts, the Client is expressly invited to contact the GT2i sales department. GT2i may not be held responsible for restrictions imposed on the Client following the use of a Product, even though the Client is expressly informed that any modification to its vehicle is likely to result in regulatory limits on its use. 

The Products intended for purchase in the Shop or mobile sales outlets are available while stocks last. It is also specified that the Products put online on the Site are offered for sale until they are discontinued on the said Site. The Products listed in the Catalogue are offered throughout the calendar year mentioned on the cover, until stocks are exhausted or until a new Catalogue is published 

7.2  Customisable products 

Certain Products offered by GT2i can be personalised by the Client, when they are indicated as such on their product sheet, on the Site or the Catalogue. 

The personalisation of the Products generates an additional cost for the Customer. This cost is calculated on the Site or by the telephone operator in the case of a telephone Order, depending on the personalisation options selected by the Customer. 

The Client is expressly informed that it is forbidden to use the GT2i Product personalisation service in connection with illicit content such as pornographic content, to promote drugs or prohibited substances, to convey hateful, violent, racist, insulting or defamatory messages or to violate privacy. The use of GT2i's personalisation service by the Client shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights or the private life of third parties, and in general, it shall not be prejudicial to third parties 

When using GT2i's customisation service, the Client acknowledges that it must guarantee GT2i against any recourse by third parties in respect of customisations carried out by GT2i under its instructions. 

GT2i also reserves the right to refuse the Client's customisation requests, in particular when these requests appear to be manifestly unlawful or when GT2i is unable to execute them. The Client is finally informed that personalised Products are excluded from the right of withdrawal, in accordance with Article 13.5.3. 

8) Availability of Products 

The Products are offered while stocks last. 

When an item is likely to be out of stock, the applicable lead times are specified by a seller in the Shop or, in the case of an Order, are indicated on the Site and the Catalogue.   

If the announced supply deadlines cannot be met, GT2i shall inform the Client and shall indicate to the Client the deadlines within which the Product could, if necessary, be delivered/withdrawn. 

For Orders, the Client may thus accept or refuse the new delivery/collection time proposed by GT2i. In the event of refusal by the Client, GT2i shall cancel the Order and reimburse the Client within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days, where applicable. The Client may also choose to modify its Order by replacing the unavailable Product with another Product in stock. Depending on the characteristics of the new Product ordered, the price of the Order and the delivery time of the Order shall be modified accordingly, subject to the Customer's prior agreement. 

Similarly, in the event of a change in a Product reference by a GT2i supplier during the Order process, GT2i shall inform the Client thereof. The Client shall then have the option of maintaining its Order, cancelling it or modifying it. In the event of cancellation, the Client shall be reimbursed within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days. 



9) Product prices 

The sale prices are indicated for each Product in accordance with legal obligations, in the Shop, in the Mobile Sales Point, on the Site, and in the Catalogue. 

They are expressed in Euros () and include all taxes. 

If the Customer placing the Order is located in Switzerland and selects delivery in Switzerland, the prices are displayed in CHF and payment is made in CHF 

Delivery is only available for Orders. The cost of shipping the Products is not included in the sale price of the Products. 

The Client is informed that GT2i reserves the right to modify the prices of the Products on the Site and in the Catalogue, without this being reflected in an Order for Products already validated. 

In the event of a difference in the price of the Products between the Catalogue and the Site, the prices of the Site shall prevail.  

In the event of a telephone Order based on the Catalogue, the Customer shall be expressly informed of the prices of the Products he/she wishes to order by the telephone operator before paying for the Order 

10) Promotions 

The terms and conditions of the promotional offers applied by GT2i are displayed directly in the Shop or in mobile sales outlets. They also appear on the Site or on the Catalogue, or on the support given to the Client informing him/her precisely of the offers or reductions from which he/she benefits


Any discount or offer such as promotional codes received by the Client, where applicable, may not be combined. GT2i thus reserves the right to cancel an Order in the event of an error by the Client due to the use of several codes 

11) Loyalty programme 

GT2i has set up a loyalty programme for its customers. 

The terms and conditions of this loyalty programme can be found here:  


12) Payment 
12.1 Methods of payment 

The Products are payable in full at the time of purchase at the cash desk or at the time of the Order, and therefore before delivery.  

The authorised methods of payment, in the case of a Purchase in a Shop, Mobile Sales Point, or in the case of an Order on the Site or by Catalogue are as follows:

For a purchase in a shop or in a mobile sales outlet: payment by credit card or in cash;

For an Order via the Catalogue: payment by credit card or bank transfer in case of Order by phone;

For an Order on the Site: Credit card, bank transfer, use of the payment providers proposed on the Site ("Paypal", "Stripe" or equivalent). The online payment methods on the Site are secure. None of the Client's banking information passes through the GT2I Site. 


12.2 Payment in instalments 

Payment in several instalments without charge is only possible for certain Orders made on the Site, from 250 € and up to 2,000 € of purchase including VAT, and this for a delivery in Metropolitan France.  

The terms and conditions of this payment in instalments are indicated on the Site 

12.3 Invoice 

When the Customer makes a Purchase in a Shop or in a Mobile Sales Point, an invoice is given to him/her at his/her request. 

When the Customer places an order on the Site, he/she receives an electronic invoice on his/her Member's Account as well as a printed invoice in the package delivered to him/her. 

When the Client orders via the Catalogue, by calling GT2i's sales department, it receives the invoice for its Order at the same time as the latter. 

The Client is invited to keep its invoice to provide proof of its Purchase or Order at GT2i, particularly in the context of the implementation of the legal guarantees for the Products. 


 13) General terms and conditions of sale specific to the Order on the Site or on catalogue 


13.1 Delivery or collection in shop

The Customer may opt for delivery of the Products ordered, or for their collection in shop. 

13.1.1 Delivery of Products 

In the event of delivery, the Products are delivered to the address or relay point indicated by the Customer in his/her Order. 


The Products can be delivered throughout the world, subject to any restrictions indicated on the product sheets. 

Orders are generally dispatched between 24H and 72H after confirmation of the Order, provided that the Product ordered is available 

More specifically, the delivery methods and their characteristics are explained on the Site and in the Catalogue.

They indicate 

The identity of the carrier ;

Delivery times applicable to the order;

The price of delivery, which is added to the price of the Product(s) ordered.

The price of delivery depends on whether or not the Customer has subscribed to the premium option described in article 13.1.2 and, where applicable, on whether the Order is eligible for this option. 

It is specified that the delivery time indicated on the Site and the Catalogue applies to a Product in stock. For any Product that is not in stock, the Customer must therefore add the announced supply time to the applicable delivery time to find out the date of receipt of the Product 

In case of delivery of several Products, these : 

May be grouped together by GT2i in the same shipment, so that the maximum delivery time applicable to the Order shall be the longest delivery time of the Products ordered. 

Or may be shipped in several installments by GT2i, depending on availability. 

In all cases, the Client is informed of the delivery times applicable to its Order, whether the Products ordered are delivered together or are delivered in several shipmentsIf the delivery times indicated by GT2i cannot be met due to a supply problem, GT2i shall inform the Client thereof in accordance with Article 8 "Availability". 

In the event of delivery of the Products outside the European Union, the Client agrees to bear all costs, taxes and duties relating to customs exchanges. GT2I shall in no case be held responsible for the costs, taxes and/or duties relating to customs exchanges in the context of a sale. 

13.1.2 Delivery price (with and without GT2i premium option

In the case of an Order on the Site, the price of delivery is displayed during the Customer's Order process 

In the event of an Order via the Catalogue, the Client is invited to calculate the applicable delivery costs in accordance with the indications in the Catalogue. These delivery costs are also reminded to the Client by GT2i's teleoperator before finalising its Order by telephone. 

If the Customer subscribes to the GT2i premium option when placing the Order or has already subscribed to this option, the Customer shall benefit from free delivery in France on the Order, provided that it weighs less than 10 kg and does not include a non-standard Product, in accordance with the indications below.


GT2I offers its customers in France to subscribe to the GT2i premium option in order to benefit from free delivery on their next orders of Products, under certain conditions. 

The GT2i premium option is a paying option, at the price of 29 €, which allows you to obtain free delivery of all your future Orders for one year from the date of subscription 

The Customer is informed that Products ordered with the GT2i premium option are delivered exclusively by Chronopost in France, to the exclusion of all other delivery methods and other delivery countries.  

The Client is also hereby informed that the GT2i premium option only concerns Orders weighing less than 10 kg, and that it does not apply to Orders that include non-standard Products, indicated as such in their product sheet. 

Subscription to the GT2i premium option is made online on the Site or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue, after payment of the price of the option to GT2i 

At the end of the option, i.e. one year after its subscription, the Client may again subscribe to the GT2i premium option if he so wishes. The option is not automatically renewable.  

The terms and conditions of the GT2i premium subscription are also available here: . 


13.1.3 Collection of Products in shop 

The Client may also choose to collect their Order at no extra cost from a GT2i shop that they select, at their opening hours 

  • GT2I shop - Quartier entreprise Tournezy 
    34, rue de Jugurtha 34074 Montpellier (France) 

  • Opening hours : 

  • Monday to Thursday: 10am-6.30pm non-stop

  • Fridays: 10am-6pm non-stop

  • Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm without interruption 

The Products ordered are generally ready for collection two (2) hours after the Order is validated if the Order is placed before 4 p.m. on a day when the shop is open, or they can be collected on the first working day following the validation of the Order, provided that the Products are available.

The Customer shall be informed of the availability of his/her Order in the shop.  

If the Products are unavailable, GT2i shall inform the Client of this under the conditions set out in Article 8 "Availability". 

Certain Products sold exclusively on the Site and indicated by the words "Exclu web" cannot be withdrawn. 

13.1.4 Transfer of risks / Reservations on receipt of the Products 

Any risk of loss or damage to the Products is transferred to the Client, who assumes the status of consumer at the time when the Client or a third party designated by the Client (and different from the carrier proposed by GT2i) takes physical possession of the Products ordered 

In the event of the sale of Products to a Professional Client, the transfer of risks takes place as soon as the Order is confirmed. The Professional Client must also assess the condition of the Products at the time of delivery, and notify GT2i of any reservations within 48 hours of receipt. Failing this, the Products are presumed to comply with the Order. 



13.2 Product Ordering Process 

The Products can be ordered online on the Site or by telephone on the basis of the Catalogue. 

13.2.1 Ordering via the Site  

Ordering a Product on the Site involves following the steps below: 

  • The Customer is aware of the essential characteristics of the Products; 

  • The Customer selects one or more Products; 

  • The selected Product(s) are saved in the virtual "basket"; 

  • When the Customer wishes to confirm his basket, he is invited to create a Member Account or to connect to his Member Account if he already has one; 

  • The Customer may enter a promotional code if they have one; 

  • The Customer indicates/verifies his billing and/or delivery address; 

  • The Customer selects a delivery method or chooses to collect in shop; 

If the Customer benefits from the GT2i premium option and his order is eligible, he can select the option to benefit from free delivery in France;
  • The Customer chooses the method of payment; 

  • The Customer accepts these GTC by ticking a box provided for this purpose;  

  • The characteristics of the Order (sale price of the Products, delivery or collection costs, description of the Products, etc.) are displayed on the page ;  

  • The Customer shall check the characteristics of the Order and, if necessary, correct any errors;  

  • The Customer validates his/her Order by clicking on the "Finalise my order" button. This finalization implies an obligation to pay; 

  • The Customer shall pay for the Order according to the method of payment chosen. 

Once the Order has been paid for, the Client shall receive confirmation from GT2i that the Order has been registered and paid for, on the Client's e-mail address associated with its Member Account. This confirmation contains a summary of the purchase order and a copy of these GTC. 

In the absence of payment, the Customer's Order shall not be registered and shall therefore not be executed. 

It is specified that GT2i does not charge any additional fees for the Client's connection to the Site, it being specified, however, that any connection costs may nevertheless be billed by the Client's Internet access provider, under the usual conditions. 

13.2.2 Order via the Catalogue 

To order via the Catalogue, the Client is invited to call GT2i at the following address and opening hours: 

  • 04 67 13 88 10 ; 

  • from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The number indicated above is not surcharged, it being specified that the cost of the call made by the Customer may nevertheless be charged to him by his telephone operator under the usual conditions. 

The Client shall indicate to GT2i's teleoperator the references of the Products it wishes to order, as well as the desired delivery method, according to the possibilities indicated in the Catalogue 

The Customer shall pay the total amount of the Order indicated by the teleoperator by credit card or bank transfer.

The Client shall receive confirmation of its Order and a copy of these GTC on its electronic address, which shall be requested beforehand by GT2i's telephone operator. 

The Customer shall receive the invoice at the same time as the Order. 

13.3 Suspension / cancellation of Orders

GT2i reserves the right to suspend any Order or to cancel it in the following cases:

  • Abnormal or abusive orders ; 

  • Order with an error (in particular in the event of non-payment, incorrect address, error on the part of the Customer); 

  • In case of unavailability of the ordered Products ; 

  • In the event that the Products ordered are modified by the suppliers during the processing of the Order ; 

  • In the event of a dispute with the Client. 

When the Order is suspended, GT2i shall resume performance of the Order as of the resolution of the difficulty encountered 

If the execution of the Order involves unforeseen additional costs, and the cause of the difficulty is attributable to the Client, GT2i shall be entitled to re-invoice these costs to the Client (in particular in the event of a delivery error attributable to the Client due to an incorrect or incomplete delivery address). 

The Client shall be informed by GT2i of the suspension of the execution of its Order or its cancellation


The Customer may also cancel the Order in the cases listed above, and in the following cases: 

  • In the event of delay in the delivery of the Order, subject to having expressly instructed GT2i in writing to deliver the Order within a reasonable period of thirty (30) additional days maximum; 

  • In the event of the Customer exercising his right of withdrawal, if he is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Code, in accordance with Article 13.5 of these GTC. 

In the event of cancellation of the Order , GT2i shall refund the sums already paid by the Client . 


13.4 Member account 

To order Products online on the Site, the Customer must create a Member Account, and enter the following information: 

First name, last name, date of birth, postal address, e-mail address, delivery address, billing address, telephone number. 

The Customer must also choose a password, which he/she will have to enter each time he/she connects to his/her Member Account. The Customer's identifier corresponds to his e-mail address. 

The Member's Account allows the Member to track current and past Orders, to consult invoices and to exercise the right of withdrawal online. 

The Customer is expressly informed that he is responsible for the preservation of his login and password. Any use of a Member's Account will thus be deemed to be that of the Customer. 

The User's password must be personal and comply with the GT2I security requirements displayed on the Site. 

In the event of loss of its password, the Client shall follow the instructions available online to obtain a new password. In the event of theft or suspected fraudulent use of its Member Account, the Client shall inform GT2i as soon as possible.


The Client may delete its Member Account at any time, by making a request to GT2i by telephone, by email or by the contact form on the site or mobile application, using the contact details indicated in Article 18. In this case, the Client may no longer access the information recorded on its Member Account (past and current Orders, etc.) 

The Client may also be unsubscribed at GT2i's initiative, if GT2i notes a violation by the latter of the Site's TOU or those of the Application, of these GTC, or any inappropriate or illicit behaviour.  

The Member Account is also automatically deleted after a period of inactivity of three years, after the Customer has been notified by email. 

13.5 Right of withdrawal  


13.5.1 Scope of the right of withdrawal  

For any Order, in accordance with article L. 221-18 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer has a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery of a Product or its collection in a shop to exercise his right of withdrawal.  

It is specified that withdrawal shall entail reimbursement of the price of the Product(s) paid by the Client during the Order within fourteen (14) days of GT2i's knowledge of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.  

It is expressly provided that GT2i may, however, defer reimbursement until the Products have been recovered, or until the Client has provided proof of shipment.  

The delivery costs paid by the Client at the time of the Order shall also be reimbursed, unless the Client has expressly chosen a more expensive delivery method than the standard delivery method offered by GT2i. In this case, GT2i shall not be obliged to reimburse the full delivery costs, but only the standard delivery costs. 

The refund will be made by the same means of payment as the one used for the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise with the Customer. 

The Customer may also choose to obtain a credit note, or exchange the Product, by specifying this at the time of his request, instead of a refund. 


13.5.2 Terms of the right of withdrawal  

In order to exercise its right of withdrawal, the Client shall inform GT2i of its decision to withdraw, without ambiguity.  

To do so, the Client may use the withdrawal form which was sent to him/her with his/her Order and return it to GT2i by email or post.  

The Customer may also exercise his right of withdrawal via his Member Account if he has ordered the Products on the Site or the Application. In this case, he will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of his withdrawal request. 

In any event, a model withdrawal form in accordance with Article R221-1 of the Consumer Code is provided, for information purposes, at the end of these GTC. 

The return costs are borne by the Customer , whether the contract was concluded in the Shop, remotely (catalogue, website, Application) or in a mobile sales outlet, except if the Product is a textile product. GT2i shall bear the cost of returning Products belonging to the following categories: Suits, Gloves, Boots, Underwear, Hoods, Helmets, Hans and Racewear. 

Furthermore, in the event that the Product, due to its nature, cannot be returned by post, the return costs are at the Customer's expense. Due to their regular updating, the amount of the return shipping costs can be consulted on the following site in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

The Products must be returned complete (accessories, instructions ). If the Product is not returned complete or if the Product is depreciated due to handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the Product, GT2i reserves the right to withhold part of the price of said Product. 

Beyond the fourteen (14) day period following delivery or collection of the Product, no refund, credit note or exchange may be made, except with the prior and express agreement of GT2i. 

13.5.3 Exclusion of the right of withdrawal 

The Customer is informed that the right of withdrawal does not apply to the Products: 

Manufactured according to the Client's specifications or clearly personalised. Products personalised by the Client via the GT2i personalisation service are thus excluded from the scope of the Client's right of withdrawal; 

Seals which have been unsealed by the Customer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene and health;

Directly purchased in a shop or mobile sales point. 

The rules of this article, taken from the Consumer Code, do not apply to the client who is a professional, unless GT2i expressly agrees otherwise. 


  1. 14) Retention of title clause 

GT2i reserves ownership of its Products until payment of the full price and accessories by the Client. Thus, in the event of total or partial non-payment of the price of a payment due date granted to the Client, in the event of payment in several instalments, GT2i reserves the possibility of taking physical possession of its Products.  

  1. 15) Intellectual Property 

The content of the Site and the Catalogue are and remain the property of GT2i. 

It is thus expressly forbidden for the Customer to reproduce, represent, exploit in any way whatsoever and for any purpose whatsoever, all or part of the Site and the Catalogue.  


The Client is also informed that "GT2i" is a protected trademark. Any reproduction of this trademark without prior authorisation is prohibited. 

The graphic conceptions ("designs") of personalized products (details on realized on demand by the personalization service of GT2I remain the property of GT2I. Any reproduction of these graphic designs without prior authorisation is prohibited. 

  1. 16) Privacy / Personal data


GT2i is committed to protecting the personal data of its Clients, in accordance with the regulations 

GT2i thus provides its Clients with a confidentiality policy intended to present its obligations and commitments in full transparency in the context of the processing of personal data that it carries out during its activity.  

This policy is available online here:

For any question related to GT2i's privacy policý or for any request related to its personal data, GT2i can be contacted at the following email address: 

In particular, GT2i informs the Client that it may be contacted in the event of an Order by the company Net Reviews (RCS Marseille n°750 882 375), which is a service provider to GT2i and which publishes the website, for the purpose of collecting its opinion on its purchasing experience and disseminating this opinion 

The Client is not required to provide a review for the Net Reviews service  



  1. 17) Responsibilities / Guarantees 


 17.1 General 

GT2i is automatically responsible to the Client for the proper performance of the obligations resulting from these GTC 

GT2i may however be exonerated from its liability in the event of fault committed by the Client, in the event of force majeure, fortuitous event, foreign cause or in the event of an unforeseeable and irresistible act by a third party 

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following are considered to be cases of force majeure: disruption or total or partial strike, particularly of postal services and means of transport and/or communications, natural disasters, flooding, fire, accidents. 

Furthermore, GT2i shall not be held liable for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential losses and/or damages or any other financial damages suffered by the Client and resulting from the performance of these GTC and the Order 

17.2 Guarantee of hidden defects 

The Products are guaranteed within the limits provided for by the guarantee of hidden defects, in accordance with articles 1641 and following of the French civil code. 

It is thus emphasised, under the guarantee of hidden defects, that :  

The Customer has a period of two years from the discovery of a defect to act;

The warranty for hidden defects can only be invoked within five years of the sale of the Product;

The Customer can choose between the cancellation of the sale or a reduction of the price, according to article 1644 of the civil code 


  17.3 Legal guarantee of conformity 

The legal guarantee of conformity of the Products only applies to the Customer who is a consumer, under the conditions provided for in Articles L. 217-4 et seq. of the French Consumer Code 

It is emphasised, under the legal guarantee of conformity, that :  

The Customer has a period of two years from the delivery of the Product to act;

The Client may choose between repairing or replacing the Product subject to the costs incurred by GT2i in accordance with Article L. 217-12 of the Consumer Code, or, failing that, it may obtain a reduction in the price or the cancellation of the sales contract 


  1. 18) Contact 

The sign GT2i designates the company GROUPE TECHNIQUE INNOVATIONS ET IMPORTATIONS GT2I, operating under the trade name GT2i, SAS with a share capital of €38,127.50 registered under the number 335 062 972 at the RCS, whose registered office is located at 34 rue Jugurtha 34074 MONTPELLIER, in the person of its legal representative [individual identification number for intra-Community VAT: FR44335062972]. 

GT2i can be contacted at the following address: 

Registered office: 34 rue Jugurtha, 34074 MONTPELLIER, France ; 

Telephone: 04 67 13 88 10   

Email :  


  1. 19) Applicable law - Disputes - Mediation


These GTC are subject to French law, subject to the application of any mandatory rules of private international law. The language of these GTC is French.  

In the event of a translation of these GTC, the language applicable to the Customer shall be that of the version of the GTC that he formally accepted at the time of his Purchase or Order. 

The Client and GT2i shall make their best efforts to reach an amicable settlement of any dispute relative to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the execution of the Sales Order 

In accordance with Article L.612-1 of the Consumer Code, the consumer, subject to Article L.612.2 of the Consumer Code, has the right to submit a request for amicable resolution by mediation, within a period of less than one year from the date of his written complaint to the trader. 

This institution has designated, by membership registered under number 80242/MJ/2301, SAS Médiation Solution as a consumer mediation entity. 

In order to refer a matter to the Ombudsman, the consumer must formulate his request: 

Or in writing to : Sas Médiation Solution - 222 chemin de la bergerie 01800 Saint Jean de Niost (France) - Tel. 04 82 53 93 06

Or by mail to: 

Or by filling in the online form entitled "Referring a matter to the Ombudsman" on the website


Whatever the means of referral used, the application must contain : 

The applicant's postal, telephone and e-mail address,

The name and address and the registration number at Sas Mediation Solution of the professional concerned,

A brief statement of the facts. The consumer should tell the mediator what he or she wants from the mediation and why,

Copy of the prior claim,

all documents enabling the application to be examined (order form, invoice, proof of payment, etc.)

In the event of failure of their attempt at amicable resolution, the dispute shall be submitted to the competent jurisdictions. When the Client presents itself as a professional, these jurisdictions are those of the jurisdiction of GT2i's head office. 

20) Withdrawal form 

Customers who place an Order for Products may exercise their right of withdrawal via their Member Account or by using the form below. 

This form is also provided with the Order, in printed form. 




(R221-1 of the Consumer Code) 


(Please complete and return this form only if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal) 

To the attention of GT2i, SAS registered under n°335 062 972 at the RCS, whose head office is located at 34 rue Jugurtha 34074 MONTPELLIER - Telephone: 04 67 13 88 10 - Email : 



I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the following goods: 


Ordered on: ____________ 


Name of the consumer:______________________ 


Consumer address: ___________________ 


Signature of the consumer (only if this form is notified on paper)   



Date: _____________________________________ 




GTC V1 - March 2023 


General terms and conditions of sale detailed below rule the contractual relationships between every website user and the GT2I company.
Those general terms and conditions of sale are the only applicable and replace any other conditions, unless previous, explicit and written permission granted. GT2I can punctually modify certain of those general terms and conditions, also it is necessary that they must be read again before each visit of GT2I website.

Those modifications are opposable from the time of their onlining and shall not apply to contracts concluded prior to this. Each purchase on the website is rule by general terms and conditions applicable at the order date.

Consequently, by passing an order, the purchaser implies complete compliance with these general conditions of sale.


Sale prices indicated on the GT2I website are in euros including all taxes except shipping costs. Those sale prices are indicated to the User during his choice of products and they will be charged at the end of its purchase in addition of selected products' prices.

We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time and without notice, but we do agree to honour the rates shown on the site when you place your order. We reserve the right to cancel a purchase if the error occurs in relation to an incorrect price or displayed as zero. The holding of promotional codes at the same time is impossible. So in this case of error, we reserve the right to cancel your order.


GT2I takes great care of posting on the Internet information about essential characteristics by technical descriptions delivered by our partners and suppliers, and also by non-contractual photos which illustrate products in technical limit and in the respect of market-standards.

Cancelation or modification of registered ordered items by the suppliers of GT2I company allows it to cancel the current order, unless otherwise agreed by the client to modify it.

Weights posted on the website are given for reference only and according to manufacturers' informations. However, they can be slightly different in reality.


Any purchased item is transported at purchaser's risk and expense, unless possible appeal against the haulier. The items are deemed to be received and approved from the warehouses. At its arrival at destination, it's due to the client to verify the good condition of his purchase before getting it under his responsibility.

GT2I company draw the pleasant clientele's attention on parts for vehicle adaptation, for tournament, which can present some characteristics such as the prohibition to drive on traffic zone to the extend that those parts alter pretty much the vehicles' characteristics described in the formal record of receipt and delivered by the French Legal Traffic Regulations in terms of: noise, pollution, maximum speed, size of tires, etc...

On the other hand, all these tournament parts are not subject to any contractual warranty.


All orders will be completed and delivered within the limits of available product stock. Assuming the ordered product will not be available, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you for which delays this product could, if necessary, be delivered to you.

If from among products certain are temporary not available, we will proceede to a group shipment on receipt of all products.

The availabilities displayed are indicative only and do not represent any contractual commitment.


Your order will be delivered to the address indicated during the order process.

For any product in stock, the delivery will be done under 72 hours. Any purchased ordered before 2 p.m will be dispatched within the day, to the extend that we have the product in stock. Charges applied for this option depend on the selected item.

GT2I is committed to respect the delivery deadlines mentionned on the website, but cannot be responsible for the consequences of a late delivery or the loss of package resulting from third-party, the buyer or by unforeseen events or circumstances due to force majeure.

In case of failure to receive a package within the delays mentioned, an equiry is made to the haulier and may take several days. No repayment or returned goods shall be granted during this period.


GT2I cannot be held liable for breach of contract on the occasion of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, disruptions, partial or total strikes notably of postal, shipping and telecoms services, flooding, fires or due to any other causes beyond its control.

GT2I shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to this document for trading loss, loss of profit, damage or expenses, which could occur. The choice of an order or a service are placed under the unique responsibility of the buyer. In case of non-delivery of an order, the User will have a maximum of a year (from the date of departure from the warehouse) to express yourself. All claims placed after this date will be rejected.


Only credit card and bank transfer are actually possible on the website.

During your order, please use our secure on-line transaction facility.

You will be directly redirected to the secured site hosted by our bank where you could enter your bank information. For an optimal security, no bank information will be disseminate on the GT2I website.

Your order will be validated from the acceptance of payment by our bank.


Your items will be dispatched to your indicated address, shipping costs participation in addition. With your order, you will receive a bill which replaces the warranty. Any order may be accepted and delivrable depending of availaible stocks.


GT2I informs you that the pleasant clientele shall assumes all charges and any other customs fees.

GT2I shall not be held responsible of charges or any other customs fees as part of the sale.


Security of payment: to assure aa high security level of transactions, using an encryption method is vital. GT2I adopted the SSL encryption to protect all data related to personnal informations and means of payment.

In all secure areas in which the URL address of GT2I starts by https:// (where the 's' means security). Informations are therefore coded and also protected before their transfer via Internet.

The protection of your personal datas:
Applying the French Law on Computer Technology and Freedom dated on 6 January 1978 to dispose at any time of a right of access and modification of your personal datas. Please contact us to the following address:


According to the article L121-16 of the Code of Consumption, the client has a delay of fifteen clear day limit from the delivery date of the order to return the article to GT2I company for exchange or repayment to its original condition without penalty, except for return postage fees which are, in any case, the responsibility of the customer. The item may not be returned, exchanged or reimbursed beyond this delay.

If the item was not returned in its original condition and in the original packaging before the withdrawal period of fifteen clear days, we reserve the right to withhold a minimum of 20% of the item price for the storage and packaging costs.

Assets do not include any reimbursement after the withdrawal delay of fifteen clear days unless otherwise stated.

Any return of the product must be subject to a prior agreement of our sales department along with a photocopy of the purchase invoice and the return slip duly completed after a withdrawal delay of fifteen clear days.


GT2I company ensures warranty of the latent defects from the legal tendencies. The buyer has a delay of eight days from the date of the discovering of latent defect to notify his reservations by registered letter with recorded delivery.


Our items and goods shall be payable in cash at the time of their issue.

In the case of orders by mail-order (Internet, mail, phone, ect...) our shipments are made with cash on delivery.

Any sums paid by the purchaser when ordering is considered as deposit by the parties.

Assuming that the company, on exceptional basis, has agreed to special payment modalities, items and goods are subject to retention of title until the price and any ancillary expenses have been paid in full.
In the event of non-payment of one of the deadlines agreed, a resolutive condition could be applied by the seller. This condition does not affect any immediate transfer at the cost and at the risk of the customer.

No discount will be granted for any cash payment or any prior payment to the Scheduled Maturity Date. In the event of delay in payment deadline, a late payment interest of 1,5 times the legal rate will be requested (law 921442 of the 12.31.1992).


Applying the Law 80.335 of the 12th May 1980, we reserve the ownership of items and goods, objects of debit, until the price of accessories have been paid in full. In the event of total or partial non-payment of the deadline price for any reason whatsoever, by express agreement, we reserve the ability, informally, to reacquire the material possession of those products and goods at your own expense and risks.
In case of disagreement, the Toulon Commercial Court has exclusive juridiction over wholesales.


For purposes of confidentiality, GT2I only gives the personnal identification number to the designated person. The personnal identification number remains exclusively with the person from whom it was assignated.
The client is the unique responsible of the use of this number, by himself and the persons authorized by him. GT2I commits to do not divulge any confidential information that will enable any third party to know, directly or indirectly, the detail of the questioning made by the customer and, in general, any confidential information under the Data Protection Act. In any case, the client accesses to the secure serve in accordance to the most efficent encryption technology.


In accordance with the French Data Protection and Freedom Information Law of 6 January 1978, you have the right to view and modify your personal datas. Every client can refuse that his name and address are granted or be available to other companies or partnership. To access, rectify datas or be opposed to the communication of personal details with third parties, the client only needs to write to GT2I.


GT2I draws the kind clientele's attention on the fact that parts for vehicle adaptation may contain features that forbid to drive on traffic zone. Indeed, they can pretty much alter the vehicles' characteristics as described in the minutes of receipt issued by the French Legal Traffic Regulations, in terms of noise, pollution, maximum speed, dazzling, ect...
On the other hand, all 'tournament' parts are not subject to any contractual warranty.