New: Swissimex becomes

Building on a long Switzerland-France relationship for more than 8 years and based on the confidence and the know-how, GT2i and Swissimex have chosen to bring together their skills and passion.
"For some time now, we worked together and, little by little, this idea cames naturally." says Ludovic DECORGES, manager of Swissimex. "I wished to develop my business and I knew that, as for itself, GT2i wanted to expand its business in Switzerland".
"We have the same service value from our customers" says Richard THIERY, CEO of GT2i.

On this basis, it was easy to get along with.

This new showroom in Switzerland is already integrated to the GT2i's net, with more than 300m² of storage area, and many new references now commercially available! The available product range of the website will expand by 6.000 references to 42.000 references.

Receiving the group structure, the current team which is aldready reinforced by a salesperson, will ensure the continuity such as the confidence building from customers over the past decade. It will be able to offer new products and better delivery timeframes at the best price.
In the near future, a new GT2i truck will be present on the races and Swiss official competitions to guarantee an assistance and a presence from competitors.

A brand new adventure begins with you!

Contact information of the new GT2i store in Switzerland:

Route d'Ecublens 38C
1673 Promasens,

Suisse (Switzerland)

Phone: +41 21 946 22 32