Front Renault Clio C 05+ 2-point top locking bar

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ULTRA RACING offers a wide range of chassis reinforcements for a wide range of vehicles

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Front Renault Clio C 05+ 2-point top locking bar is part of the category : Strut Braces

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Technology for your car's safety and stability!
ULTRA RACING offers a wide range of chassis reinforcements for a wide range of vehicles. These front and rear, upper and lower anti-roll bars, as well as cradle and fender reinforcements, are specifically adapted to your car, improving chassis behavior and therefore performance.
Ultra Racing reinforcements limit roll, for more incisive cornering and better front-end grip, eliminating the natural understeer of today's cars. Combined with the stiffness of the rear axle, you'll reduce oversteer once you've entered the corner.
Ultra Racing constantly monitors product quality not only during the production phase, but also in subsequent performance tests. Real road and track performance tests are carried out. In addition, in order to obtain control data, the company has created three tests: a bending test, a torsion test and a flex test to monitor production.

Type of reinforcement and application :Front Renault Clio C 05+ 2-point top tear bar

Correspondence UR code : TW2-990

WARNING: ULTRA RACING products are developed in Malaysia, a right-hand drive country. On some products designed for Asian manufacturers' vehicles (Honda, Subaru, Toyota...), adapting them to European models with left-hand drive may cause compatibility problems. This is mainly the case for front anti-roll bars on shock absorber heads, where certain modifications may be required (wiper motor, brake fluid reservoir, etc.). Some bars, particularly interior ones, require mounting holes to be drilled. This may be the case for certain bars at engine level, which have to pass under the windshield bay, necessitating cutting into the sheet metal. Side bars are sold in pairs, to equip both sides of the vehicle.

Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, for competition purposes, may cause them to be prohibited their use on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the features of the vehicles as described in the official report, issued by the vehicle registration authority : noise, pollution, maximum speed, tire size, etc. For this oversized product, shipping costs are higher than the basic rate.

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