The GT2i's loyalty program allows you to collect 5% of the order amounts as vouchers immediately usable for your future orders. Your vouchers are valid 4 months when issued.

For 10€ purchased you will collect 1 point, corresponding to 0.50€ in voucher for your future order.

You collect points only on not discount products. Then when you use a discount voucher for example, you will not collect any loyalty point.

It's very easy to enjoy this program, you only need a customer account. If you don't have your customer account yet, create your customer account and enjoy now the GT2i's loyalty program. If you are a customer already, you belong to the GT2i's loyalty program.

The discount vouchers are not partially usable. Then, if the voucher is used for an order with an amount lower than the latter, the difference will be lost.

In order to keep you informed of the amount of your vouchers, once a month, you will receive by e-mail a summary. You will not forget to enjoy your discounts!

*Buying tires do not allow you to collect loyalty points.