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Wanna offer a gift to your family and friends? A doubt or a lack of inspiration? This section was made for you.

In GT2i, we love the festive season. Our whole team has prepared specially for you a huge selection of Christmas gift ideas which is composed of our best-sellers and favorite products of GT2i team fellows.

Each product of the selection represent a guarantee of quality, design, efficiency and at the best price. With this selection, our goal is to offer a wide range of products. 

Discover a huge selection of products from every category.

Helmets, suits, vehicle equipment, clothes. You’ll be sure to find the best gift for your friend or family!

In this selection, you’ll discover the best products of the GT2i range such as steering wheels, driver equipment, lifestyle clothes, GT2i packs and many more to discover! 

Selections of products for all prices and budgets!

We offer you 4 categories from under 75€ to over 300€ to every budget. 

Our promotions are also available on this huge selection. So, you’ll enjoy searching the best gift at the best price

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