GT2I Wheel Spacers 20mm 4X114.3 Smart 67mm

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These GT2i Race & Safety double centered wheel spacers are made of high quality aluminum

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GT2I Wheel Spacers 20mm 4X114.3 Smart 67mm is part of the category : Wheel Spacers

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These GT2i Race & Safety double centered wheel spacers are made of high quality aluminum.
They allow you to widen the tracks of your vehicle and thus improve its handling in curves. It is a must for any car used intensively, on track or on road.
In addition, the gap between the fender and the wheel will be reduced, which will give a more aggressive look to your car.

Sold by pair, we advise you to use longer studs than the original ones to compensate for the thickness of the chock and guarantee your safety.
Also, be careful not to choose chocks that are too thick for very low-slung vehicles. This could cause the tires to rub into the fenders under heavy load and damage them.

Caution: Please check the center length of your hub in order to choose the right thickness of wideners. Some vehicles with long hub lengths will not fit the thinner wideners.
If the length is less than or equal to 11mm, you can mount 12mm thick wheel spacers, if it is less than or equal to 15mm, 16mm wheel spacers and less than or equal to 19mm, 20mm wheel spacers.


Thickness: 20mm
Center distance: 4x114.3
Type: 4 holes
Bore : 67mm

Vehicle affectation : Smart

Model Motorization Years
HYUNDAI Accent Type X-3 Oct/1994 - Jan/2000
Atos Type MX / MXI Aug/1999 - 2008
Coupé / S.Coupè Type RD June/1996 - Apr/2001
Lantra Type J-1/J-2/RD Oct/1990 - Oct/2000
Matrix Type FC / FCT June/2001 - Dec/2005
Pony Type X-2 Oct/1989 - Jan/1995
Santamo Type M-200E Oct/1991 - Dec/1998
Sonata Type EF Mar/1998 - May/2005
KIA Cerato Type FE 2007 -
Clarus Type GC 1996 - 2001
Credos Type GC 1996 - 2001
Magentis Type GD -2006
Optima -2006
MITSUBISHI Carisma DAO June/1999 - 2004
Colt CZC / Z3B May/2006 - 2009
Colt Z30 June/2004 - 2012
Galant E10/ E30/ E39/ E50 1987 - 1996
Lancer Z30/C10/C50/C60/C70 2003 - 2007
Space Runner N10 Oct/1991 - Aug/1999
Space Star Type DGO 2001 - 2005
SMART Smart Forfour Type 454 2004 - 2006
VOLVO S40 I Type V 1995 - 2003
V40 I Type V 1995 - 2003
Products intended for the adaptation of vehicles, for competition purposes, may cause them to be prohibited their use on roads open to public traffic, insofar as they significantly modify the features of the vehicles as described in the official report, issued by the vehicle registration authority : noise, pollution, maximum speed, tire size, etc.

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